Starting September 19, twitterati will get more space to write and express. Despite the change, Twitter will still hold on to a limit but media attachments like GIFs, videos and even quoted tweets won’t be included in this count. The change was announced earlier this year, by CEO Jack Dorsey, who said the move was one of the biggest changes in recent times.

This is to curate live music gigs on the platform. Artists will go live on Periscope & Twitter from Twitter India’s ‘BlueRoom’ twice a month. The artists will also engage with fans on Twitter before and after the performance. Artists will crowdsource their lyrics, take Twitter polls for fans, make album and tour announcements, share tidbits, and chat live on Periscope when performing.

This is to use the latter’s enterprise advertising tool Gnip. Under the partnership, Fork Media will use Gnip to integrate Twitter’s audience data and content performance metrics with ‘Buzzerati’, Fork Media’s social media marketing platform. Gnip also provides managed access to data from other social networking sites.

The entire team of Moodstocks will join Google’s R&D facility in Paris, and they will help strengthen visual recognition capability in Google’s image or video based products. Google said that the team will join researchers and engineers who had earlier contributed to the development of YouTube, Chrome, and Cultural Institute at Google’s R&D centre in Paris.

Twitter purchased it for $10 Mn back in April for nearly $50 Mn. Twitter paid for the right to stream 10 of the NFL Thursday night games and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had hinted that this deal would help the company earn better traffic. Dorsey and COO Adam Bain were in France at the annual Cannes Lions ad festival this week, working to drum up business.

The fund is part of a $100 Mn round of funding for SoundCloud and the company is valued at $700 Mn. Twitter failed at creating its own radio station based on what songs were trending and shut down its #Music app in April last year. This was because it tended to be very passive and it gleaned over hash tags to search for what was trending in music.