On her first visit to India, post her exit from Cisco in September, the Cisco veteran told ET that she along with her entrepreneur-investor husband Mohandas Warrior are looking at some companies to invest in India. However, she ruled out joining the board of any Indian IT company. Having just been appointed to the board of Microsoft, Warrior said that there is a huge potential for moving services from offline to online. She was also said to be offered the top job at Twitter, eventually taken up by Jack Dorsey.

Padmasree Warrior

As a part of a major shakeup within Cisco System by its new incoming CEO, several top executives will be changing hands. Among them to leave will be Indian American Padmasree Warrior, who will be leaving her post of Chief Technology & Strategy Officer. She will be replaced by Hilton Romanski, who was promoted from his position as company’s head of mergers & acquisition strategy. Padma’s departure comes at a time when the tech industry is self reflecting on its gender roles. She will be missed.