It will do so over the next 3 years to cash in on the high-quality talent pool in the country. India, which has about 1 mn people working on solutions for the Android mobile platform, is poised to become home to about 4 mn developers by 2018, making it the world’s largest developer base. The aim is to help make India the global leader in mobile app development.

The entire team of Moodstocks will join Google’s R&D facility in Paris, and they will help strengthen visual recognition capability in Google’s image or video based products. Google said that the team will join researchers and engineers who had earlier contributed to the development of YouTube, Chrome, and Cultural Institute at Google’s R&D centre in Paris.

The move is a major step forward for internet companies that are eager to eradicate violent propaganda from their sites and are under pressure to do so from governments around the world as attacks by extremists proliferate, from Syria to Belgium and the US. YouTube and Facebook are among the sites deploying systems to block or rapidly take down Islamic State videos and other similar material.

Aiming at building a better clientele, Google is planning on acquiring the San Francisco-based high speed, fiber internet provider. With competition such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable signing multi-year deals with large apartment buildings, this Google acquisition will focus on the business at residential apartments. No financial details of the deal have been shared yet.

The research wing at ad giant Publicis Groupe, Zenith, announced the critical condition of desktop banner ads. With the estimated spend of approx. $32bn on social media ads by 2017, it is believed to be a discomforting news for Google, which leads display ads. Zenith believes that mobile ads will surpass desktop ad spends by the coming year.

This was confirmed by Google. It has now developed a better experience for its search product to cater to user’s queries related to Bollywood and Tollywood, including links to videos and movie screening timings. Google Search now gives local cinema enthusiasts an easy way to discover and explore everything they want to know about their favourite movies, stars, music, dialogues, actors and more

It overtakes Apple TV shipments of 1.7 Mn units. The rise in Chromecast shipments is expected to continue in the future. Chromecast is priced at around $35 and allows users to wirelessly stream content from both Android and iOS phones, tablets and laptops to the television over WiFi. It also allows users to run apps from Android phones on TVs or on PCs through aChrome extension.