It was originally part of The Late Late Show With James Corden on CBS. CBS Television Studios will produce the show along with Fulwell 73, and it will appear on Apple Music. There will be 16 weekly episodes of the show. This is the next step Apple is taking to bring original media content to Apple Music, which has more than 15 mn paying subscribers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone sales in India were up 51% year-on-year during an analyst call for the quarter ended June 25, 2016. In the previous quarter, iPhone sales in India grew by 56%. Cook also added that India is now one of our fastest growing markets. The company claims to have garnered a higher growth in overall revenue and iPhone sales in emerging markets.

Spotify claims that Apple had hampered competition in music streaming by rejecting an update to the Swedish service’s iPhone app. The two companies have gone head to head in the battle for music streaming customers since Apple Music was launched in more than 100 countries last year. Apple’s entry into the field sparked concerns from music streaming companies such as Spotify.

The move has been planned for a year, after anticipating the retirement of Nike Chairman Phil Knight. Mark Parker was appointed as Chairman and CEO. Mark Parker was the CEO of Nike since 2006. Phil Knight continues at Nike in a modified role of Phil Knight. He has a standing invitation to Nike Board Meetings, and will continue to be involved with the company.

It may be replaced with Bluetooth or Lightning headphones. Apple has a history of killing industry standards starting from the floppy disk, CD drive, the 30-pin connector. Four years ago, the 30-pin connector was ditched for Lightning connector in a move to make the Apple devices thinner. Currently, The headphone jack is the widest external port on the iPhone, and it can’t get any thinner.

These rankings of how well technology companies combat the risk of forced labor in their supply chains. Workers who make components in information and communications technology companies’ supply chains are often migrants who are vulnerable to becoming forced labor. 21 Mn people are victims of forced labor around the world. Forced labor is estimated to generate some $150 Bn in illegal profits every year.