DST’s budget has been upped 450% to Rs 180 Cr for this. This will primarily be under the National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovations umbrella program, whose key stakeholders will include government departments and ministries of central and state governments, R&D institutions, mentors, financial institutions, angel investors, venture capitalists and private sectors.

This is to let its academia collaborate, create and share content across 12 State Institute for Education Management And Training centres in the state. These centres will be turned into digital classrooms by Cisco. Cisco and the Rajasthan Government will provide 50,000 hours of annual training through these classrooms.

LIC is the largest financial institution with over Rs 22.10 lakh Cr in assets, which is over 15% of India’s GDP of Rs 134 lakh Cr. With a profit of around Rs 40,000 Cr last fiscal year, LIC is the most profitable entity in the country, next only to RBI, which transferred Rs 66,000 Cr of its surplus profit to the government in the past fiscal year.